Life alignment coaching encourages our minds natural expansion to allow for positive change and growth with clarity and confidence across all areas of our lives. My coaching & life skills offer you the opportunity to learn new perspectives which enable the discovery for unlocking your current situation. I have coach hundreds of hours of coaching in my corporate and in my professional coaching life.

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Youth/Students sessions £30 - 5hrs £150
Coaching £40 - 
5 / 
10 hour sessions options £200 / £400 
Mindfulness coaching to focus on creating practices for wellbeing £20
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Sessions from 18:00 available via telephone / zoom

I am an accredited Co-Active Coach and recognised through the ICF (international Coaching Federation). The Co-Active methodology is all about discovery self empowerment to create self leadership in what we do and who we are.This coherent connection and understanding of doing and being is key to our mental health is learning, developing and finding out our why;to survive and to thrive.


Creative Design
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Low confidence - Low self esteem - Career transition / change - Better relationships - achieve health & wellbeing goals - remove negative thinking and habits - procrastination - life transitions & more...

Co-Active - Transforming Lives
The Co-Active* methodology is designed to stretch your comfort zone effectively, understand your impact on others and the world around you, learn how to navigate conflict, how to design your responses and recover from being triggered. Learn how to have better conversations. Deepen intimacy with yourself setting healthier barriers and boundaries for others.

*"Working with a Co-Active Coach will enable you to rewire your brain in ways that create openness, creativity, and the optimal environment for neuroplasticity, leading to lasting, transformative change" (

Life - A holistic approach to all areas of your life from family, work, social, mental & physical health.
Professional - Supports and helps your work and career development / potential in the present moment
Spiritual - Supports and helps in any area in your life where you're feeling unfulfilled, stuck or uninspire.

Our brains, our hearts & our guts

"Co-Active Coaching is positioned to engage the client’s brain in ways that create openness, creativity and the optimal environment for neuroplasticity, leading to lasting, transformative change".

Ann Betz, Neuroscience Consultant to The Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

"Research has found we have neurons not just in our brains, but also in our heart and in our gut".

(McCraty, 2010; Siegel, 2010)​

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment.

(ICF- International Coach Federation)

College Campus

Youth Coaching

GCSE / A Level / College / University

Study, Career Planning, Adapting to Change, Emotion​ Resilience Development, Personal Self  Development, Self Identity, Mindfulness, Stress Management, Anxiety Relief, Creating Choices, Time Management, Study & Revision.

Study, academia, social media, accelerated personal development may all lead to pressured environments.
Knowing our strengths increases self awareness & confidence removing doubt and indecision. Investing in our children and or selves at this stage of our lives sets us up with unrivalled emotional intelligence.


All sessions will conclude as a
5-10 minutes feedback with guardian.

I am an multi year DBS approved Youth Mentor for Year 9/10 students with award winning brightside trust.
I was a Youth Leadership Coach for 3 years for award winning Uprising for 3 years.  


Who are they for?
Coaching is for everyone. The power of coaching is the focus and the active listening with open curious questions. This is about here and now and what could be. New perspectives, inner clarity, confidence and courage because every session you will dare greatly owning your power with honesty & vulnerability.

When are they available?
Inperson at the wellness space usually 6 days a week, in the evenings telephone and zoom appointments are available. Multi sesions are booked directly following the first session.

Should I book a Free Consultation?

Yes, this is how to find out how coaching may help you. appointments are up to 30 mins. Ask your questions...

What other option could I choose?
It is also beneficial for deeper emotional experiences to relax and regenerate with a session of Reiki. These sessions are also a wonderful immune system booster.  

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Nature Heals

OCT-APRIL: Sessions continue with weather allowing, the changing seasons make for magical opportunities.
I love and feel the healing benefits of nature and walking and I introduce my new structured active coaching, active listening walks for mental health & wellbeing. Open, safe, listening, conversations to empower, motivate and improve wellbeing.
Locations & Status:

  • Egham / Virginia Water, Surrey - Yes

  • Windsor Great Park, Berkshire - Yes

  • Marlow, South Bucks - Yes

  • Maidenhead, Berkshire - 2022

  • Henley On Thames, South Oxon -2022 

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 I decided to give it (career coaching) a try with Steve based on a recommendation. Steve was very flexible to meet me on a very short notice, professional and helpful throughout the session. He was genuinely interested in understanding my situation and provided me with the tools and strategies that I needed to make an important decision at work. I definitely recommend Steve's career coaching sessions!
Giuseppe Cozzone - Manager